Introducing the CLYDO Sports Ball!

CLYDO sportsballs (patent #9,192,821) are a "HOLE" New concept to the foam ball industry!  We put a bunch of HOLES in them.  Clydo is just a "hole" lot of fun and more. 
Easy to catch!  
  Easy to throw!  
    Easy to grab!
GIRLS, BOYS, and Adults all love CLYDO sports balls, something about the holes.  The CLYDO sports ball is more than just a bunch of holes in a ball, the holes are light shafts!

CLYDO's patented light shaft design takes an ordinary foam ball and makes it something special.  By night CLYDO sports ball never stops playing, the holes all intercept a center shaft.  This shaft is where you place a common lighstick, available anywhere.  For best performance we recommend CLYDO brand light sticks.  Electric lightsticks are available now and calcium lightsticks are coming soon.
Once the light stick is placed in the CLYDO sports ball the holes become alive as dancing light is cast out of each light shaft hole creating a CLYDOSCOPE of light with every pass or kick.  It's amazing.  
CLYDO sports ball's one piece design means no parts to brake, it always works and the ball is soft.  BY DAY.  Simple CLYDO.  BY NIGHT, add a light stick to CLYDO.  
CLYDO light sticks come in a avariety of colors and some light sticks flash.  That means you can change the color of your CLYDO SPORTS BALL at night any time.   EACH lightstick comes with it's own string lanyard for night team play.  Wear your team color and be seen. 
For best performance use CLYDO brand replacement light sticks.

CLYDO Plays Anywhere

Because CLYDO is a soft foam ball, it is safe to play with anywhere.  There are no moving parts to get lost or broken and it will never go flat, CLYDO always plays 24-7. Strap CLYDO to your belt or backpack and never stop playing.  CLYDO light sticks can be used for other purposes including camping, hunting, hiking, emergencies, or just plain fun.

Where to use CLYDO?

  • At the Park
  • At the Beach
  • In the back of your home
  • In the front of your home
  • In your home (it’s foam!)
  • At Parties
  • On Campus
  • Anywhere you want to throw a ball